Every candidate for admission must be introduced to the Principal by the one, who will be responsible for his conduct and duties as pupil.

The birth certificate should be furnished at the time of admission. The date of birth will not be altered once it is entered in the Admission Register.

Transfer Certificate should be produced by pupil coming from other recognised schools.

Satisfactory testimonials of good conduct will be required from pupils who come from other institutions.


A week’s notice in writing is required for the transfer certificate of the pupil. The requisition should be made by the father of the pupil concerned. In the absence of father, it should be made by the mother.

A Transfer Certificate will be issued only on payment of fees for the whole term, for the School in which the pupil last attended unless it is a question of transfer. The parent in such a case, should produce a copy of the transfer ordr.

Tuition fee should he paid before 15th of every month failing which they will not be entertained to attend the school and permitted to write the Mid-term/Revision/Terminal Examination